Sigma Alpha Professional Sorority was founded at The Ohio State University in 1978 and now spans the entire nation with 53 established chapters. Sigma Alpha sisters and distinguished alumni lead the way for professional development among women pursuing careers in agriculture.
Student 1: I'm looking to join an organization where I will be able develop essential skills for being a leader in today's agricultural field and develop life long friendships.

Student 2: Sigma Alpha! Hands down no. 1!
by Banque-Rouge111 December 4, 2010
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Sigma Alpha Sigma is the best extracurricular organization for high schools designed to foster leadership skills among students who will promote academic excellence within the student body of a school. Sigma is also one of the coolest things to be apart of anywhere now that it is NATIONAL!!
Guy not in Sigma Alpha Sigma: Dude, what is sigma?? That looks like one of the coolest organizations I have ever seen!

Guy in Sigma Alpha Sigma: Bro, it IS that coolest organization you have ever seen, wanna join?

Guy no in Sigma Alpha Sigma: HECK YES!!!
by Rubrassackwards December 19, 2010
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a professional fraternity for women containing the hottest musicians that you will ever find.
" Dude that sigma alpha iota chick is fly...." "Woah dawg... she's a music major..." "say WHAAAT??"
by fried fry April 20, 2010
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Also knowns as the sammys these guys know how to party. In SBU they throw sammystock-which everyone knows is the party to be at. They are your typical fraternity-but not with one common look and type of guy. All the guys in the sammys are different-but all are the kind of guys you want to hang out with. Girls love them guys want to be them.
sorority girl: i dunno about you..but i wanna get with a sigma alpha mu
by chica69852 May 26, 2007
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A professional women's music fraternity. Formed to "uphold the highest ideals of a music education" and "to further the development of music in America", it continues to provide musical and educational resources to its members and the general public.

Flower: Red Rose
Colors: Crimson and White
Founded: June 12th, 1903 Ann Arbor Michigan. University School of Music.
"Hey, what does her shirt say?"
"It's the greek letters for Sigma Alpha Iota"
"It looks like it says EAT"
"You're an idiot."
by C.Weiss April 11, 2007
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Sigma alpha mu at the U (university of miami). Simply a fuckin good time. Most are good at spending money, getting fucked up, and fucking the hot bitches of SDT, DG, AD pi, as well as any hot bitches not included in these groups. The fraternity is nationally known as a jewish frasternity but this is not so at miami, and even though it is heavely jewish, we are not cheap, hang with us fuckers for a good time you probably won't remember. We dont need any stupid catch phrase or any cockiness, we just do it up.
by Kaminsk May 9, 2006
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ASA girls are the classy ones you'll see walking around campus. These ladies are proud to wear their letters so that everyone knows they are an alpah girl. They throw the best parties and are the prettiest girls on campus. Find an Alpha lady and hang on to her guys, you'll never find another one like her in a trillion years.
If your dating an Alpha Sigma Alpha raise your glass, if not raise your standards.

Dee Zee girls are pretty
Tau girls are smart
but it takes an Alpah girl to win a fellas heart.
Gam girls are tan
Tri Delt girls got flow
but when you want the best looking girl.....
Alpha Sigma Alpha is where you go.
Kay Dee girls are wild
Sig Kap girls are fun
But Alpah girls are always #1.
Girls will be girls North, South, East or West
but Alpha Sigma Alpha girls rate the best.
To any man who reads this and truly wants to know,
If you have an Alpha Sigma Alpha girl, you should never let her go.

Only the best girls wear rubies and pearls.
by Brett3888 December 12, 2006
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