a group of rotund and hopelessly socially inadequate girls who lack any kind of redeeming qualities whatsoever. Their enlarged stomachs, legs, thighs, butts, and multiple chins allow them to completely engulf an adult elephant in mere seconds. It has been recently discovered that each SDT possesses a gravitational pull comparable to that of the moon due to both objects' comparable masses.
I would rather eat glass than hang out with an SDT. If you want to experience nausea, stare at an SDT for a few seconds. An SDT has more cellulite than Margarat Thatcher on her worst day. It is possible to take body-shots out of the ripples in an SDT's fat ass.
by Bearer of truth March 06, 2006
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Instead of STD its SDT which is shove it down there throats. Strange but my team uses it to scream before a game. Also it can be used as I have an SDT from that guy. Which means u hate them a lot but it sounds funny.
Oh george cheated on u..
I got an SDT from that guy..
by choclate loverr May 26, 2008
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Shut down, talk sh*t.

This can be done over messaging, or in person.
It's when a guy tries talking to a girl, gets shut down, so he talks sh*t about her.
Random guy: "Hey babe"
Girl: "......ummmmm.....who tf are you?"
Random guy: "B*tch you asshole who TF are YOU?!"
Girl: "I don't even know you???! Don't act like you know me. Dang, #SDTS."
by Someone...Someone. June 10, 2014
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