Jersey/NYC Italian insult towards a Sicilian Italian... it roughly translates to “half a n****r”.
Ginny #1: “Oh cuz, how youse doin? By da way what part of da old country you from?”

Ginny #2: “I’m Sicilian, fucks it matter to you?”

Ginny #1: “Get the fuck outta hea you sigi bastard! Your about ya get a smack in da teeth! Ba fungool!”
by JerseyScrub March 31, 2020
Sigys are the people who are extremely attractive and you can’t stop thinking about them once.They’re usually too forgiving so end up in difficult situations involving people. Great with balancing their personal and professional lives.
Can’t stop thinking about that girl form class, fuck she definitely is a Sigy.
by Orchid Thief 11 June 22, 2021
noun: a completely random, off topic, hyper child
adjective: weird, crazy
noun (proper): Look at Sigi humping that bush!

noun (common): Today I met a sigi, she was running down the street in underwear.

adjective: Only sigi kids make weird noises.
by sigi February 4, 2008
a pestige vechile of mitsubishi sigma, provides comfort and should b registered
fuck the sigi's mad, i want it back.... go againnnnne!!
by al n isaac January 25, 2006
Punjabi slang. Where sigi signifies a cigarette. Basically asking someone if they have a smoke.
Oye bhenchod, haigi sigi?
by blahblah2507 April 5, 2017
A guy who lives with his mum, doesn't go to school or work and tries to live off benefits throughout his life
- Why do you live with your parents even though your 35?
-My name is Sigis
by Kasablanco Maroko November 23, 2022