A sexy babe that can make anyone sawoon on the spot. She knows how to glaze some mad ceramics and probably knows every single word from that umbrella song against her will. She's just an all around hot and awesome Irish chick, yo.
"Did you see that, homeskillet?"
"Yeah man, that chick was a freakin Sidney."
by angrylunchtard September 25, 2009
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Amazing cool hot funny country blonde and the coolest most sexy girl I know
Sexy cool awesome amazing hot Sidney
by Alphonzo overstreet June 03, 2013
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A prestigious doctor whose humble beginnings in medicine trace back to Texas in the early 2000's. Once considered by many to be a true player he fell in love with an employee of a humble food service establishment. Sidney now crusades against disease and sickness everywhere he goes and has reached almost mythical proportions in the field of medicine.
Son, maybe someday you will grow up to be the next Sidney.
by SAMillerTime February 05, 2010
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a name used by asian parents to misspell sydney, yet sound the same.
Asian Mother: "I named my son Sidney Ang!"
Asian Father: "Don't you mean Ang Sidney?"
Asian Mother: "K, JUST GO STFU."
by nndrew April 12, 2006
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