A Kid on the internet who usually gets butthurt when you try and hurt his ego.
Bro Will is such a sider.
by King24pm September 14, 2018
A person who attends Westside High School in Omaha, Nebraska. They are known for their incredible good looks and showing up at other schools parties and making them more fun. Sider women are usually pursued by not only Siders, but also Prep kids.
"Are there any Siders coming to your party?"
"You know it, bro. Wouldn't be a party without them!"
by bigkittykat September 3, 2008
metaphorically : spontaneous radical apartness

in astrophysics : two astral bodies with correlative orbits spontaneously diverging, spinning outward in opposite directions; related to : the heteroclinic (hetero : from the greek, meaning dual, opposite, different, multiplicity and clinic from the greek 'kleinen' : to lean, to slope)
the astronomer mapped the theoretical sideration of two astral bodies with shared assymetrical orbits.
by piet mode May 17, 2010
Someone on the right side of the information divide. Comes from the Japanese 情報強者 (Jouhoukyousha, shortened to Joukyou, meaning information literate). The negative counterpart is Wrong-sider
Anon: I'm not a wrong-sider. I'm a right-sider.
Other Anon: Sure...
by Davixxa July 25, 2018
Term used in restaurant industry, for the unfortunate souls that find it unbearable to sit across from each other at a table, hence sitting on the same side of a table, this usually being a booth. Most likely there is major hand holding and petting, which can make for awkward moments with the waitress/waiter. And most of these occasions results in a shared meal.
Table 7 has same-siders, what d-bags. or,

The same-siders at booth 8 ordered one meal to split, my tip is going to be awesome. (This is sarcasm).
by formerwaitress February 12, 2010
Someone on the wrong side of the information divide. Comes from the Japanese 情弱, joujaku, meaning Information Illiterate. The counter term is Right-sider
Anon: Look at this article by CNN
Other Anon: Stop looking at mainstream media like a wrong-sider.
by Davixxa July 25, 2018
This word is a Super Smash Bros. term meaning to save your teammate with a Falcon Punch (Normal or Reverse), sacrificing yourself to save them in a match.
Marth: "help me i just got rested at 0%, extreme knockback...agh"

Falcon: "...i got you (runs across the field, short-hopping to a falcon punch) FALCON PAWWWNCHH..."

Marth: "Thank you home dog...that was awesome you FALCON-SIDER, YOU"

Falcon: "Yes! yes it was...now come on! and let's beat them (meaning the opposing force)

Opposing Force (two Bowsers): "...show us your moves..."

by PhantomMarth February 5, 2010