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Term used in restaurant industry, for the unfortunate souls that find it unbearable to sit across from each other at a table, hence sitting on the same side of a table, this usually being a booth. Most likely there is major hand holding and petting, which can make for awkward moments with the waitress/waiter. And most of these occasions results in a shared meal.
Table 7 has same-siders, what d-bags. or,

The same-siders at booth 8 ordered one meal to split, my tip is going to be awesome. (This is sarcasm).
by formerwaitress February 12, 2010
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When a couple insist on sitting in a restaurant or bar in a booth or table on the same side , when there is a perfectly good other side to use. Most commonly forced by the guy in the relationship that is jealous, insecure and has to keep an eye on anyone that might be looking at his girl. Or a couple that is way overboard into the PDA. The ONLY time that being a Same Sider is acceptable is when the couple is old. Because its cute....
Same Sider
by msraulerson January 19, 2011
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When a couple is so inlove that they can't imagine having a table to divide them so they sit on the same side.
You can tell that same-Sider couple is really in love because they always sit next to each other, not caring what others think about it.
by Ready4it April 17, 2016
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