When you help someone in studying for an exam they have no clue about and they end up with a way better grade than you.
Person 1: "Help me! I don't know how to do this problem!"
Person 2: "Fine, I'll help you out."
*one day later, after the exam*
Person 1: " So how did you do, I got a 73?"
Person 2: "That's it? i got a 92!"
Person 1: "Damn it! Sided again!"
by durejavu March 6, 2019
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A song by Ariana Grande which is about riding a dick bicycle so hard all day and night that you can't walk straight.
In the song "side to side" Nicki Minaj says "wrist icicle ride a dick bicycle"
by Rebellereign November 7, 2016
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Ariana Grande's new bop. Metaphor of how you walk after a long sex night.
Sean is so good in bed he got me walking side to side
by jaureguisjaguar August 30, 2016
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To have two sets of genitals/buttocks placed, artificially or naturally beside each other on ones person. In the case of genitals, the type of genitals is irrelevant, both male and female genitalia can be combined to achieve a Side by Side . In The case of buttocks, number of cheeks is limited to three or four, anymore is an abomination.
"After the surgery, ill have myself an ole fashioned Side by Side."
"Vincent was shocked to discover that Nancy had a Side by Side"
"None of my underpants fit since i got my self an ole fashioned Side by Side"
by Dr Wordplay October 29, 2014
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When a girl gets in a car with a bunch of boys and makes out with the guys one by one in a side by side pattern until the end.
" Hey Mary... wanna come play side by side?"
by Skidaddle Skidoodle June 25, 2019
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Term for a double-barreled shotgun with the barrels placed side by side instead of on top of each other. Typical shotgun for hunting small game.
yo check out this side-by-side!
by Johnny B May 26, 2004
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