A girl/s you got on the side other than your main girlfriend. She initially is someone who is just used to get sexual pleasure from and nothing else that is serious.
Joe-"Yo man I'm going out with my girl Beatrice tonight"
Craig-"What about Lela?"
Joe-"Man she just a side hoe when Beatrice don't give me none"
by IAMTHEMASTERMIND December 6, 2009
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The other hoe you don't want your main girl to know about so you gotta keep her on the down low.
-Dude what happened with Alice?
-Nahh man that's my main hoe, this is just my side hoe.
by NiggggNogggg June 6, 2017
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A bitch thats on da side

,yall lowkey fucking wit each other

,she/he doing shit yo girlfriend/boyfriend aint doing

,yall got ah 0% chance of being together

and dont give to fucks about yo feelings .
Jerome :You Fuckin Wit Promise Now ?

You :Hell Naah Nigga ...Thats My Side Hoe .Im Fuckin Wit Mimi .

Jerome :Oh,I Gotcha Fam .


Dajah :Guurl ,Is You Fuckin Wit Ralph While You Wit Jerome .

Christina :Ralph Just Ah Side Guuurl .

Dajah :Oh Damn Guurl ,Okaaaaay .
by fettykaay1738 June 3, 2015
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A hoe that you fuck with on the side. Once a side hoe always a side hoe.
Person 1: “Yo Sydney, did you know Kyle is fucking around with his side hoe Stephanie? Hes tryna fuck”
Person 2: “Damn what a downgrade, she’s ratchet af”
by boopdabloopppppppp May 5, 2018
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A side hoe is a term you use when you are cheating on your girlfriend. Side hoe is also a term that could be used when you have a best friend
My girl doesn't know I have a side hoe.
Man my bff is my side hoe
by Cmtkrn April 15, 2017
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A girl your boyfriend goes too after he's been fucked over and plays with her and goes back to you afterwards
Oh did you see his side hoe

Yeah HAHA fugly
by Mynigga555 March 31, 2016
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When a girl is with a guy even though she knows he is already with someone else. (The act of being someone's side hoe.)
Amanda was side hoeing with Jake, I saw them together yesterday!
by Flawless.Bitch September 30, 2015
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