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The girl who always lit asf and goofy asf, she can make you smile and knows how to get you out of the funk mood. She is beauty. She is grace. She is DAJAH.
by Big Papa (; March 17, 2017
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The world's greatest girl ever. She is smart, beautiful, loving, and overall perfect. She can make anybody smile by just saying hi and she will do anything to keep that smile on your face. She also has the best boyfriend ever who loves her very much.
Me: God Dajah can't stop making me smile. I love it.
Matt: Shut the fuck up we all know its just cuz u r dating her.
by MRCUDDLES June 11, 2013
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Dajah is cute asf she don’t play about her boyfriend she will pimp slap a bitch she got a big ass she will fight anyone anywhere she will be the best friend u can ever have she will always make u smile her personality is PERFECT she don’t care about everybody but she care about more people
Damn y’all Dajah been rocking with me since day one

Have y’all heard dat Dajah whooped dis stanky bitch ass

Dajah and her boyfriend is cuteee
by Christopher Willams May 13, 2019
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