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Meaning loyalty in French, dark as night in Arabic. She lights up a room with her charm and energy, people gravitate toward her as she can be at ease among any company. Lela loves to laugh, and she is known for being witty and humorous. Lela's tend to be driven, agressive women that have a high level of confidence, so they require the attentions of a strong, honorable man. She is fiercly loyal, a friend for life, she is gracious, generous and kind...passionate, excellent lovers.........
Loyal Lela, passionate Lela , witty Lela, confident Lela
by Breeze a Lee February 03, 2010
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The definition of Lela is like the definition of the word color....interesting or exciting and sometimes amusing........ except with Lela its ALWAYS amusing :D
Did you see that Lela Laserbeam? I am SO jealous of her crazy personality !
by Justforyougirl! February 25, 2010
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a girl with a very pretty face and extremely sweet body; might have a slight attitude
That girl right there is definitely a Lela...
by LilThug April 20, 2005
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Lela is a girl fom Croatia, Zagreb with sexy figure, nice ass and the most beautifull brown eyes you'll ever see.
She can kill you with her look.
Look that beautifull brown eyes and a nice must be Lela!
by Vhayto August 31, 2006
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