A curse word that grasps the essence of the riskay "f" sound, while keeping the sharp outcry of the "sickle". While many believe that this is just a substitute for the f word, they are wrong. The f word is a substitute for this word, the golden profanity of all curses and swears ever.
"Ah, fudge-sickles!", she cried, as her fingers were chopped off.

"That is so fudge-sickling stupid!"
by Katalinacat May 2, 2015
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the act of directly removing your penis from a man or a womans ass after anal sex and placing it in her mouth for her to clean.
Ricky fucked his neighbor in the ass and then gave her a fudge sickle for being such a good girl
by ArseRaiL February 9, 2004
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Opposite move from the shocker. Flip wrist upside down and put two fingers in the anus and one in the pussy. Then shove it in her mouth to lick clean.
Bitch was so nasty i gave her a fudge sickle and she ate it up.
by Buck futter January 17, 2017
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A shit covered dick.

A jigaboo's dick.
You can't tell if a jigaboo has a fudge sickle, not with their usual color and smell. Yes they do because of their skin.

See shitskin
by Anonymous October 6, 2003
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When a baster full of shit is inserted into the urinal tube of an erect penis, than stroking the penis in a speedy manner or "masterbating" the penis until it cums out shit
Oh dude i downloaded this porno once and it had some guy doing a fudge sickle!
by Garebear Seastrom February 16, 2005
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