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A term generally describing their respect for another. Most commonly used by Australians and stereotypically by Ethnic-Australians.
"Dudes a Fucking Sick Cunt! haha what a mad cunt."
by supermajic August 25, 2005
Eat a Dick, a term either used for a number of reasons.
1. As a joke
2. Towards somebody you dislike
3. Used when you just cbf to listen
1. "URGH Im starving"
"haha eat a dick"
2. "Seriously man, eat a dick you have no friends"
3. "hey man wats goin on?"
"Eat a dick!! thats wats goin on"
by supermajic August 25, 2005
A nickname used to describe one with the last name "Roberts" or a similar name eg. Robertson, Roberto, Robert, etc.
by supermajic August 25, 2005
A suburb located in Sydney, Australia. Located around 10 minutes from the city.
"haha! Lets go to Roseville!"
"dude, that place is a hole"
"oh yeah!"
"lets go 2 lindfield"
"haha shit yeah"
by supermajic August 25, 2005
An Uber or "super" Hot Chick. Of course, the literal meaning of the term "Uber" translates from German to "above" however that really doesn't matter.

Remember this word is like the word to use! See the following examples
"Hey man, can you get me a invite to some uber hot babes party and hook me up with some uber hot babe."
by supermajic August 17, 2005