new shoes that take a pound of your flesh before you break them in. usually sandals or some other cute shoes. the cuter the shoes, the more shylocky they seem to be.
e.g. "I have blisters all over my feet...these shylock shoes have taken their pound of flesh!"
by cdafox May 19, 2010
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A late-19th-century consulting-detective who charged wayyyyy too much for his services.
If you think that Shylock Holmes charged too much for helping you legally, you would be totally "shocked" at how much his faithful sidekick, Doctor Wattson, charged for HIS medical services!
by QuacksO August 17, 2020
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I don't know about Shylock HOLMES, but i do know that Shylock was a character in one of Shakespear's plays (The Merchant of Venice). He was a Jewish usurer, so saying that a person is a Shylock means he's a loan shark.
You shouldn't mess with the guys down on 57th, they're real shylocks and the interest rates will kill you.
by Isis January 2, 2005
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the act upon placing coins into the poo filled anus and allowing jews to reach inside and reach them out
come on boys lets have a game of dirty shylock, you know you want the ducats jew!
by cathey brown September 21, 2021
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Pseudonym of a blogger of undisclosed identity who sounds off about various matters -- economic, political, social, sexual -- at the blog "The Adventures of Shylock Holmes." The dude (definitely male) sounds educated, a bit smart-alecky, conservative with a heart (sometimes). Not American -- his spelling is weird. Prolly a rich kid waitin to make a name for himself.
Yo Shylock Holmes, who's yo daddy?
by Loquation May 3, 2011
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