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A casual gathering of teens in maspeth, made up of people from around new york to get fucked up in every way possible in reiff park.
S1:"i heard you were in maspeth last night?"

S2:"yeah, i got shwit-it"
by SHWIT-IT October 10, 2010
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verb. when you are drunk or high with the shwit-it kids from maspeth..... YOU CAN NOT BE SHWIT-IT OF YOU ARE APART OF SHWIT-IT. it is illegal to use shwit-it if you are not shwit-it.

we getting shwit-it tonight.

she really got shwit-it.
by SHWIT-ITT October 17, 2010
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A term maspeth kids use to describe being down to do something
It has to be by far the gayest term ever used, and by no means is cool to make your name on facebook
Yo, you shwit-it to do some heroine ?
Yeah, im shwit-it
by dick4life October 20, 2010
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