Something "sweet" but even cooler then that!
dude, that song is totally shweet!
by JAIM3 October 23, 2006
Sweet but with an extra 'h' to make it cooler.
by w00tw00t April 6, 2003
Indespensable vocabulary. Goes along with dank and solid. I pity the fool that don't use the word 'shweet'
by RicHARD September 23, 2003
The way Sean Connery would say 'Sweet'.
The Shinier The Shugar, the Shweeter!.
by asdaftasabrush April 25, 2009
'sweet' with a lisp
Dude, I jusht got my retainersh, itshn't it shweet?
by moi April 26, 2003
Tweets sent whilst taking a shit. (Also in the forms: shweets, shweet-storm).

Similar etymology to shexting, and shwhatsapps: the act of sending text messages or WhatsApp messages whilst taking a shit.
More early-morning shweets from the President today outline his policy agenda for the next 100 days.

Was on the toilet and decided to unleash a shweet-storm @continentaltire due to another flat!
by Shweetilyshweetilyshweet August 26, 2017
A very expressive word that means the same as sweet just used by people fangirling over something or just really amzed by something...
soccerchick01: " Hey gurl i saw Howl with no shirt on the other day!"
misthang33: "SHWEET!! I wanna see it!"
by Maple_syrup9 January 7, 2008