A term of insult or endearment depending on ones friends. A shwat is a person who is annoying and bitchy. Combination of the words slut and twat.
"Hey shwat"
"God, Brenda is such a fucking shwat!"
by MrsShaffer October 22, 2014
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Another word used by group x, which I have seen being used around the internet.
One time a blew a bubble so big, inside the bubble, was a little kaid, the little kaid looked at me and he said to me, "SHWAT?" I said get your hands of my hot dog, that is some-thing.. Can't touch.
by You don't need to know my name. February 14, 2005
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wow blaaaaaaaake has no shwat!
by blake 3456778 August 12, 2010
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to be sweet. used in comparison to a fuzzy and adorable tree dwelling creature.
That baby bunny is so very shwat.
That little glassesed man is shwat.
by Christine Nicole Rios June 06, 2007
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(verb) 1. The 7/11-type-of-Indian's word for what.
2. An expression used when you have been shocked by a female's wanting of sexual intercourse.
1. Eshan-I have no homework tonight.

Varun- Shwat da fuck I have a ton!
2. Camille-Hey, you wanna fuck?

Xavier-Shwat, we have a science test tomorrow

Camille-Ugh! You'll always be a virgin!
by Varuuuuuuuun Wadwanator September 08, 2011
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Noun: Some one who does diss honest or moraly wrong things

Verb: The act of kicking someone in the balls hard enough to make them jump back up inside them. Thus leaving an empty sack.
noun:"dude did you see Shwat Toddle earlier?"
"Nah he's a tool"

verb:"Jesus christ!"
"yeah even i had a little penis sympathy after that shwat toddle"
by Magnitization January 16, 2008
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