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1. Repeatedly moving from computer, to laptop, to computer, with disk in hand, because your company is too cheap to do anything wirelessly. And too stupid to address the compatibility issues between laptops and desktops.

Similar to moving room to room in the dorms looking for a lay and becoming similarly frustrated with the process.

2. May also be used to describe routing cable to address network wiring/config issues. Going from the server room, to the floor and back - switching this cable or that one - trying to get the computers on the network to communicate with each other.
1. "Why isn't that expense report uploaded yet?"

"I don't know, sir. Probably because I wasted an hour shuttlefucking, gave up and went home."

2. "After shuttlefucking around in the lab for six hours, we've concluded your network was infiltrated by squirrel chew, moisture, and a lazy system admin who didn't update security patches - like we told him to do a month ago."
by HerrM October 01, 2009
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