"Shuffle" or "Shuffling" is a type of dance to which you shuffle your feet. It's a repetitive dance move which can be done in many ways. Mostly suitable for Electronic or Techno music.

It was originally known as "The Melbourne Shuffle", and was originated in the late 1980's. Then became known and very popular around the globe.

Eventually the Shuffle got hugely promoted by the music group "LMFAO", known well from the 2011 hit "Party Rock Anthem" featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock.

Shuffling can now also be known as "Party Rocking"
"Hey did you see those guys shuffling to Electro on the sidewalk? that was epic!"

"Everyday i'm shuffling, Sorry for Party Rocking!"

"I can shuffle to MC Hammers song!"
by Lazix October 22, 2011
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To be burned without prior notice.
After Charlie mentioned Elliot's job, Elliot immediately shuffled him into silence.
by tommybabe February 2, 2007
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To visit multiple bars in a given area in one night. Similar to a pub crawl.
Athens, Ohio is well known for having people go on shuffles because of the number of bars in the area.
by dolph ginter August 5, 2009
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To have a "shuffle"

The act of masturbation, normally by a female. Shuffle denotes the rythmic hand movement used to stimulate the nether regions
I caught Kim having a shuffle in her room last night
by Usually007 August 25, 2004
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As the shuffle of zombies approached the unprotected cabin, the survivors inside sharpened their weapons.
by zomboidnumber7 October 19, 2011
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Term used to describe a group of zombies.
Grab your shotguns there is a shuffle of zombies headed this way!!
by Codeq March 26, 2012
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A group of nerds. Like a murder of crows of a gaggle of geese.
There was a shuffle of nerds waiting for the computer store to open.
by Steven De Costa September 17, 2006
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