getting involved with a certain group of people completely by random.

when someone gets involved with a certain group of people without actually knowing any of them or without having a previous contact with any member of that group.
Tom : oh man, I got shuffled with a bunch of hippies last night, turns out one of them was a well known artist!
it was crazy!

Jim: wow! that's awesome!
by Linorth October 8, 2014
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To trade any form of weed for nicotine
Bennett: yo chop? You down to TO Shuffle?
Chop: yerrr
by atownchop May 23, 2021
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The state a woman is in when she sleeps with multiple men at random
by nufadzoo July 11, 2008
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The drunk guy on the dance floor who some how stumbles into a make session with drunk hot girl.

also known as being salvo'd
by kangaahh July 21, 2010
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shortened "nickname" for melbourne shuffle, an underground dance style which is predominantly danced to dance / electronica / trance / hardstyles / house music
Nathan: "Dude, i just had the most awesome shuffle session"
Richard: "Man, that is awesome. Turbo shuffle for life."
by Turbo Krew May 24, 2008
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a phrase used when you choose a song on you your ipod, cd, etc. plays a song that receives disapproval from one or more persons in the listening vicinity. use of this phrase saves you from the shame of picking a song that nobody likes.
tyrone: dude, why the hell are we listening to ne-yo?

mike: my bad man, it's on shuffle
by mike hunt370 July 22, 2010
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A form of dance originating somewhere in the area of Australasia that has recently found home in the United States, turning a generation into mindless E-popping fanatics who are completely incapable of executing the said dance in a fashionable or even decent manner. Hardly there for the music and far from underground, shuffling has taken over as many believe they are now 'ravers' and are obligated to take part in looking like fools by pretending to know how to shuffle.
Child 1: I was at a hip-hop club and there were kids trying to shuffle to 50 Cent.
Child 2: OMG, were they giving light shows too?!
by Let the scene fade August 28, 2009
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