The action of attempting to be a part of something, such as a club or secret society, that the "shriver" ha absolutly no chance of being a part of, due to stupidity of physical abnormality. I.e. trying in vein.
Christy shrives so hard to be a model, but she weighs 450 pounds.
by Andrew Werlinger November 06, 2006
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My fingers are very shrively.
That old ladys face is very shrively .
by puppotter March 14, 2018
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A small amount of something, mostly talked about when dealing with drug paraphernalia.
"Hey, don't drop that shrive of weed on your leg!" or "Gather all the shrives on the tabel, I want to smoke a bowl."
by Caitlin Ratliff October 09, 2007
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Another definition for having whiskey dick or not being able to properly perform. Or used for anything that is considered weak
Guy one: did you bang her last night? Guy two: no man her cat jumped up on the bed and licked my ass and I had the shrively dribbleys
by Jagerknight 92 September 24, 2018
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