means a combination of shrivled and wrinkled. it's kinda a little of both and just came out of my mouth one night.
that apple is really shrinkled!
by Smeagol January 22, 2005
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when the sun shrinks and burns something like skin or an egg on a hot skillet and makes a crinkling noise
the sun is a shrinkle machine, it is shrinkling me as we speak!!!!
by yo momma beoch March 28, 2010
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When a male's penis shrinks and wrinkles because of exposure to severe cold weather or water.
From the moment I got outside, I felt extreme shrinkling going on. There was no way I was going to take my pants off outside today.
by HotCarlCommish January 17, 2017
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The appearance of male genitalia after a certain age, too much weight, too much alcohol. It's a combo of shrunken and wrinkled.
When he took his pants off, his junk was so shrinkled I lost all interest.
by Syllable aficionada April 18, 2011
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v; to shrinkle: to shrivel or to wrinkle -- to decrease in size by becoming slightly withered and sad looking

adj; the art of being shriveled and wrinkled, and overall pretty pathetic and old looking
The plant shrinkled as it grew older.

Old people are usually shrinkled-looking.
by Meg0mon April 12, 2007
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Wrinkles that appear on a woman (usually in the facial region) after significant weight loss.
Mavis: 'ave you seen Doris of late? 'Er shrinkles are 'orrid!
Dorothy: Innit!
by mr. duffy September 04, 2008
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What happens to a guy's mansack when exposed to cold weather or water.
You said this pool was heated! My balls totally just shrinkled.
by Charlie McButterpants February 06, 2008
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