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Shrim is the name for a specialized alternative healing solution first practiced and perfected by Dr. Doone Strutts with the aid of his four young sons in his location at the S'wallow Valley Mall. The outcome of the Shrim Alternative Healing Center is to have their patrons achieve "Premium Body Health," as stated by Dr. Strutts.

The full experience of Shrim is a closely guarded secret by Strutts and his sons, who only eat the finest, softest meats.
Behold the powers of Shrim!
Shrim? Kind of sounds like "shrim-p."
Eric Wareheim experienced the powers of Shrim in "Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie."
by Meow Meow Squick January 31, 2012
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Someone or something that is sly, streamlined, or slim - or all of the above.
Shit! We got away like a bunch of Shrim dogs.
by Gaijin Fox. February 19, 2008
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The leftover, unwiped pussy juice that encrusts on the outskirts of a persons mouth after the act of eating someone out.
Guy 1: (laughs) Nice shrim dude.
Guy 2: Oh shit, I thought I got all of it off!
Guy 1: Lol you look like such a tool.
by BOnoobies May 11, 2012
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