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Very sweet, misjudged person who leaves you at a loss for words. Most likely a gounder. Hates to be met with the phrase ‘ lava juice’. Loves to be called bro.
Oh, also she’s a godesss. Drop dead gorgeous ;)
Look at that girl brooo she’s nothing like shree. No one is shree except shree
by Nithiyn with a y October 22, 2018
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The definition to "Shree" would be, in a short summary, a suspected schitzophrenic, with many "alter egos".

If approached, do not try and hide any kind of facts, most specifically sexuality, as "Shree" will use his sick sick mind games to get his pleasure by humiliating you and sharing it with others.

Jason: "Hi who is this"
'Alter ego of Shree': Hi, I'm .. So i hear you are gay? Sorry, i mean "bi""
"Jason: What? No I'm straight"
'Alter ego': "Riiiight."
by Kim, August 12, 2006
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Evil and nice will make you laugh mean has good friends nice enough for you to say ugly mean enough to yell and Punch you can nag sometimes can be annyoing sometimes but is a good friend. Helpful and not popular can't sing very annyoing at times and likes to draw but bad at it has all adult brother and sister and has neices and nephews. Loud and werid takes weird as a compliment. I'd c if you are mean. I will get mad if youake me mad . A gamer and gacha lover/fan likes black and pastel rainbow and white loves food crush food
I am just like Shree when I'm mad
by Gacha wolf Gmaes Games October 05, 2018
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a girl with one cheekbone extremely higher than the other.
She is beautiful...
in her own way.
"Shree, get chyo a$$ ovah hurrrr!"
by ooh dass niise/ February 07, 2008
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