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Someone who over exaggerates the fuck out of things
Someone who loves to gas stories and make up lies
You are the biggest showman ever.
Bro#1: Yo you fuck that girl?
Bro#2: Yeah I fucked her 5 times and made her orgasm 27 times
Bro#1: Wow you are a showman

Bro#1: *sends snap chat of himself chugging a beer while driving*
Bro#2: C'mon man that is a showman snap

Originated from Johnny1k Nashua NH
by ELOCO17 May 24, 2018
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The term Showman is given to a male who, when flaccid, his penis is of average to below average size.
However when erect his penis towers to an above average size

This term is often found amongst descendants of the 'Spicer' family

See:- Spicer
Girl: why is our penis so small?

Boy: Im a showman...

Girl: What does that mean?

Boy: Touch it and find out...

Girl: Holy Shit! Thats the biggest ive seen!
by imimortal March 20, 2009
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