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Def. 1- A word used to express contempt or disgust.

Def. 2- A popular segment on "The Jimmy Fallon Show" where Fallon dresses like a teenage girl and invites celebrities, also dressed like teenage girls, onto her "talk show" where they discuss things that they find gross. The first ever segment of "Ew" starred Lindsay Lohan as the celebrity guest, portraying character "Stephanie Sullivan" Sara's(Fallon's character) BFFLFFR(Best Friends For Life Forever For Realsies)
Jimmy Fallon: You know, the other day I saw this new show on teen nick. A lot of people tell me I look like the star of the show. The strange thing is, the star of the show is a teenage girl. Here's a clip:
Sara: Hello, my name is Sara, and in case you were wondering, that's S-A-R-A and no H, because H's are EW!

Ew: A word used to express contempt or disgust.
by PositivelyPisces June 14, 2016
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A 2017 Musical Film loosely based on the events of the life of performer, businessman and politician P.T. Barnum. The film stars Hugh Jackman as Phineas Taylor Barnum, Michelle Williams as Charity Hallett-Barnum, Zac Efron as Phillip Carlyle(a fictional character loosely based on Barnum's real life business partner Hachaliah Bailey), Zendaya Coleman- credited as Zendaya- as Anne Wheeler(A fictional character) and Rebecca Ferguson as Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale.
Grayss: Deckstur, come and see "The Greatest Showman" with me.
Deckstur: But, I want to stay in bed for ten hours straight and get bed sores.
Grayss: It looks really good.

And it was really good. From that day forward, Deckstur Mousebarg never once argued with Grayss again and never made plans to develop bed sores.
by PositivelyPisces January 16, 2018
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Bart Simpson is a fictional character on the long running, animated series "The Simpsons". Bart is the 10 year old, troublesome son of Marge and Homer Simpson and older brother to Lisa Simpson. Bart's hobbies include vandalism, skate boarding, writing sentences on bulletin boards after school and pranking people, specifically Seymour Skinner(the Principal at his school) and Moe Szyslak(Local Tavern owner). Bart wears a red, short sleeved shirt and blue shorts. He has spiked, yellow hair. His catch phrases include "Ai, Carumba!" "Don't have a cow, man." and, perhaps the most famous, "Eat my Shorts!"
Helen Lovejoy: My goodness, did you hear that Marge Simpson's son Bart Simpson mooned the security camera at the Kwiki Mart?

Bernice Hibbert: That women is raising a heathen. And did you hear that her daughter is a lonely nerd?
by PositivelyPisces June 13, 2016
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A slang conjunction of the two words "Big" and "Mood".
Allonuh: That's a Big Mood.
Deckstur: It's a BOOD.
by PositivelyPisces November 21, 2017
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Patty and Selma Bouvier are fictional characters on the long running, animated show "The Simpsons". They are the older twin sisters of Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson(nee Bouvier). The twins each have large, puffy light-purple hair. They are both avid smokers with graveled voices, presumably hereditary as both their mother and sister have the same graveled voices. Although they are largely the same, there are a few ways that they are different. The main way being that Patty is a lesbian. Selma wears a sleeveless, knee length blue dress and oval necklace while Patty wears a short sleeved, knee length orange dress, with blue pearls. Both sisters desperately hate Homer Simpson, their brother in law and do everything they can to cause him pain and humiliation.
Patty: Hey, Selma, there's Homer, going into the kwiki mart.
Selma: We could spray paint his car.
Patty: We could never do that. We're not lonely old maids, with nothing better to do than smoke and troll other people...oh, wait, we are!!!
Selma: I'll get the paint.

Oh, Patty and Selma.
by PositivelyPisces June 13, 2016
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A combination of words "Pretend" and "Appendicitis" used to describe the act of faking an injury or illness for personal gain.
Nicholas wasn't feeling Baseball Practice last Friday. As a result, he caught a bad case of Pretendicitis that left him benched with a fake sprained ankle.
by PositivelyPisces April 7, 2018
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German slang word used to describe something amazing, fabulous, gorgeous, etc. Featured in a commercial for Edeka, a German grocery store. Became a viral video on Youtube.
Friedrich Lichtenstein: Es ist Supergeil.
by PositivelyPisces March 6, 2017
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