1. To arrive at a location, usually to meet others

2. To out-do someone else at a certain task, there by taking all the credit or praise from them
1. "Finally, Tom decided to show up for the party"

2. "I was trying to impress this cute girl by lifting weights, but then this douchebag came and lifted 30lbs more than me. He totally showed me up!"
by slidman February 12, 2011
ALSO: sho'd up
adj. (from pp. of rarely-used SHOW UP)

To have humiliated or outclassed another with superior demonstration of skill.
Masta C-Dub bust out last night wif some dat smoove freestylin,' and he done showed up all them wiggas, fo sho!
by Carl Willis January 28, 2004
in internet parlance, meant to convey the appearance of an unwanted or undesirable group of people that you weren't seeking out in the first place.
There was an interesting discussion about how to save up for retirement, but then all these bitcoin bros started showing up uninvited.
by JuliusCesarus July 11, 2021
The type of girl who feels she is entitled to just show up places. She contributes nothing in terms of ideas, planning, paying, or even apprecating anything.
Why is it that Barbie never reaches into her wallet or offers to pay for anything? I've never even seen her thank anyone. She's just a show-up girl
by Zach_rules July 21, 2011
To be aroused sexually; to get a boner without expecting
Kelly spontaneously showed up when Jeris was on a road trip to Wyoming with the guys.
by CougarCrazies July 11, 2008
So when your girl is supposed to come over and she cancels plans, she’s gotta hoe up and send nudes
)You)Hey Trisha are u still coming over, (Trisha) sorry I can’t I’m going to my grandpas house to pick applesauce

(You) show up or hoe up bihhh
by Joe Semens July 8, 2018
What you say when someone accuses you of Facebook stalking. Since it just showed up on your news feed, you couldn't have been secretly reading their profile, right?
Joe: Man, that party last night was sick...

Mike: Oh, that one you went to at 9:23 pm at Bob's house?

Joe: Whoa, how did you know that? You aren't stalking me, are you?

Mike: ...it showed up on my news feed.
by smreidy113 December 6, 2010