An amazing friend who is so funny and caring. She will cheer you on, knowing you can do it. You might have to push her into doing something but in the end she'll do it great. When she smiles or laugh it's usually contagious or gets people to laugh along with her. A Cece has loads of friends and will often make some new ones.
by Cece's Favorite People January 26, 2017
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Cece’s are very fun to be with. They love to have a good time, and make the most of it. Cece is a very very very shy girl and does not usually like to talk to people. She is different though, she is very much an introvert, and is extremely independent. Cece wants to travel the world, and explore. She loves going on adventures. And she is always ready to try new things. Cece is a completely different person once you get to really know her. She is funny, caring, and quite a spike. Cece does not take crap from ANYONE. She is a very tough girl. She usually does not show her skills in school, but she is very “street-smart.” When Cece gets in a relationship, she usually tends to hold back and can be self conscious. But once she really gets to know you, she completely opens up and you will see a totally different side of her. Cece tends to make boys AND girls fall for her a lot, she just has that special charm that no one else tends to receive. Cece is just overall an amazing person.
Boy: “Hey look at Cece over there”

Girl: “Yeah, she’s very pretty and nice but I don’t know a lot about her, she’s very odd.”

Boy: “I’m going to go talk her!”

Girl: “OK then, suit yourself

Boy: “Hey Cece!”

Cece: “Oh, hey”

Boy: “You’re so pretty we should talk sometime!”

Cece: “Sure...”
by Explorer99 June 17, 2018
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A name that is very pretty. A Cece is also very pretty. They are friends to all. When you see a Cece, it is hard not to be her best friend. Cece's are generally nice, and are obsessed with saving the Earth with her other BFF. Sometimes, Cece's don't notice you are there. But most times, they are nice to you, and appreciate you. They always make you feel better.
Cece is a very pretty girl.
by Psenonumous April 20, 2016
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Cece is an amazing teacher. She always compliments your style and apearence. She is a loving and caring person and always wants to see you succeed.
Where is my favourite person.
Cece is in the cafeteria.

by OrceZgrada December 18, 2019
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A amazing girl who cheers you up when you're down.She is ever so caring and beautiful girl.
Person 1:Did you see Cece today?
Person 2:Yes see looks stunning
by IMABANANANA October 12, 2018
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An amazing female being who befriends everyone she is a great friend and cares for her friends. Never leave her side because you'll feel a hole in your heart if you do. Never hurt her or do any wrong to her because your world will turn on its side. She has an amazing personality and she is absolutely gorgeous
Ken:Hi you're really cute Cece:thx
by Hetyoo October 29, 2017
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So artsy you don’t even know what art is until you’ve met her. Prone to hysteric laughter and obsessive feelings towards English teachers. So in love with Hamlet she thinks she IS Hamlet. Steals your food and then apologises incessantly
literally no one:

Cece: Shakespeare was a genius ! Do you think he knew generations would marvel at the complexity of his art forever!
by Wilsonknight May 28, 2019
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