An exclusive club, which only allows true Americans to join.
American: Isn't Hulu great? You can watch your favourites, anytime, for free!
Non-American: No, I can't. Not since they started blocking all of my proxies.
by STROGG February 09, 2010
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Verb: akin to the verb "google", using the website to view a television program or movie, especially one that has been missed during the week.
"Dude, I totally missed The Office this week, I was so pissed."
"Chillax m8, just Hulu it."
by Christopher R. May 07, 2008
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-allows for the watching of missed television shows.

-the savior of forgetful people who realize they forgot to watch that one show the night before.

-if was a female, I would marry it.

-the announcer at the beginning of episodes also has a beautiful voice...I'm a completely strait male, but the moment i look forward to the most is him saying "this episode is brought to you with limited commercial interruption by Kiva"
Person 1: hey, did you see House last night? how cool was it when...

Person 2: don't ruin it for me! i'm going to hulu it tonight.
by Mugso March 27, 2009
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A better version of Netflix. Having the best shows and movies. (this is not a sponsor). Hulu has green to blue color scheme and is very advanced. If you use Amazon Prime get a life.
"Hey dude lets watch some Hulu"
"I'm actually going to watch Youtube Red"
by YesPAPA November 29, 2018
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A poor anime loving man's netfix
"just marathoned Attack on Titan, Death Note, AND some bleach last night on Hulu"
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Slang in South Africa for large piles of Elephant Excrement / Feces.
I can't beleive your wife found out you did that your in some major "Hulu"
by Tonka August 30, 2007
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