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It's like when you get shortchanged, only worse!!!

Somebody (usually a guy) fuqs you, you went into sex thinking you'd come a bunch, he'd come, everyone would be satisfied, it'd be awesome!!!

Then he comes really quickly and then falls asleep. The next morning he wakes up and does it again. At some point you might have told him that you would have liked to have come more than you did

You now know better than to bang him again, but your blood boils because you got short dicked. If you get shortchanged and some cashier shorts you $5 out of your change from a $20, you can usually go to an ATM and pull out more money. When you get short dicked, you can never get that portion your night back. And there is no adequate refund for sexual disappointment

Guys who will short dick a girl are fond of saying stuff like, "Did you come?" because they are unaware that most women are multi-orgasmic and can't think of more relevant questions like, "Did you come as hard as you wanted to?" or "Are you feeling satisfied? Or do you want more?"

A guy doesn't have to premature ejaculate to short dick you. Some can pull it off lasting a long time and just having the inverse of bedroom skill
He thought nothing when he short dicked me the night before, but then I told all my friends and all the girls on the scene just how lame he was in bed and just how unsatisfied I was. Bet he wishes he made an effort now!!!
by SFKitten June 25, 2018
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adj, a motha fucka with a short dick, fuck you think?
Leroy was talkin mad shit to that bitch at the club, but she said she could fuck with him since she heard he's a short dicked mutha fucka.
by kingsnizzle September 03, 2006
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