The very essence of sexyness, has very much money, and makes it rain on them hoes. also likes to wear alot of gold.
Filip also is a word that can also be used instead of "chick magnet"
dammm that Filip is a boss,
Oh my god, i love Filip
Filip always gets all the girls
by The kingggg January 3, 2009
Shy boy who makes you feel like he can give you the stars with just three words.

You always want to hear his voice and be by his side cause you know how much you need each other even if it's not meant to be.

Filip is the most beautiful and amazing person you will ever meet in your life, at first cold and shy, but if you stay as long as much time he needs, you will never regret that. He loves rock music (Pink Floyd, Queen, AC/DC, Nirvana, The Beatles, etc.), but kinda can't stand Arctic Monkeys because of me. Rock is his passion and you know that because how much he talks about it (you will love it, believe me).

He doesn't like cities that much and isn't that outgoing.

Most of the people can't stand him cause they don't know him and if you ever meet him, just talk with him about one week and try not to fall for him and think how smart he actually is.

Filip gives the most beautiful and the most calming kisses on the forehead if you're 5.1ft like this girl writing this.

He will make you lose your mind and piss you off most of the time, but make you fall in love with him like nobody ever did, will and can.

If you ever meet Filip, challenge yourself to not fall for him, I bet you can't.
Why are you always talking about Filip?! Idk what you see in that cold guy.
If I told you, you would fall for him too.;)

Your boyfriend, Filip, he's the shy typ?
Yes, sometimes, but not with everybody.

You were chasing him year and a half, idk how you did it but I wouldn't
Believe me, it was worth it!
by A little bit stronger January 12, 2019
Filip: An amazing boy who becomes and even more amazing man. He works hard and is very intelligent. He is very empathetic and he never fails to try to make things better for those he cares for. He learns from his mistakes and improves for the future. He is incredibly understanding, patient and most of all forgiving. He is someone who isn't very social or emotional. However, when he finds something or someone he loves, he will love them/it with everything in him. He cherishes the things he has. He is straight to the point and isn't afraid to speak his mind and although it has made some dislike him for being so honest, he holds his head high and walks with confidence and assurance. Sometimes he says something he wishes he could take back, it always gets him in a lot of trouble. He's very stubborn, sometimes annoying, but his cuteness outweighs it all. Filip has a great sense of humor and likes making people laugh. He always has a hard time telling the people he loves no. At the same time, he is very unemotional and heartless. He does not care what anyone outside his closest friends thinks of him. All of this makes: a Filip
Girl 1: Wow he's so smart
Girl 2: I know right such a Filip
by Uqoqk96 May 31, 2019
Father of all the Filipinos
Filip fucked them all
by filipinos October 13, 2011
Filip has a 12 footer penis
mm filips cock is so big
by SeanIsHomo February 10, 2020
Filip has all the girls he has a 9incher (penis)he like penetrating girl that why girls love him
Wish I was a FILiP
by The9incher October 26, 2018
Sexy as hell, every girl has a secret crush on him but won't admit it cuz he's such a jerk.
Girl1:he's cute... uhh
Girl2:yaah but he's such a jerrk

Girl1: yaah he's such a filip
by NameGuru_4 June 12, 2017