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Daniel, James Howell, is a piece of internet trash - who does pretty much nothing productive with his life other than making 14 yr old girls and bois happy with his content from his channel on YouTube.

He spends most of his time on the app Tumblr, or looks at the dankest of dank memes.
His best friend is Phil Lester, who actually is a ray of actually ACTUAL sunshine.
As of this yr - Dan is now 26 yrs old.
Dan is a very quirky, awkward, meme of a mess - who makes inappropriate jokes, and he often finds himself having an existential crisis about every 2.5 weeks.
He has a huge mass of followers abt 6 million on his Channel which in my opinion is his internet cult.
Despite his existence being such a meme, we all love him more than anything and all of these things make him absolutely perfect and I would never want him to change :))
me : Dan is so awkward and memeish - I love him so much."
person : " Who's Dan Howell?" me : " Just the best human being to ever exist."
by boredgirlwiththoughts August 28, 2017
When you are bombarded with a wave of emotions "normally cringe/shock" and you can't describe what you're feeling.
me : " omg girl got me shooketh"
aslo me : " a girl be shootheth"
by boredgirlwiththoughts August 28, 2017