1. Extremely distraught or distressed.

2. Surprise mixed with disbelief.

3. Like shook but even more extreme

4. In some extreme cases heartbroken.
Rapunzel was shooketh after Spider-Man made fun of her hair.

Jerry was shooketh that the restaurant didn’t serve burgers, even though the name was Burger buffet.
by Theexpert99 January 22, 2019
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When your shocked about something or surprised
The tea was spilling so much and everyone was shooketh!
by Shooketh123 February 27, 2019
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1.When your shocked or just really surprised.2. When something shake or is being shaked
1.I was shooketh when anika cussed at me.2. The world was shooketh when michelle was running up the stairs.
by The most savage out of all sav February 25, 2018
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The word dumb people use when playing fortnite with horny eight year olds or dumb people in general.

Anyone who uses this should get a life.
"Carol your ligma on fornite yesterday has me shooketh"
by ThiccToilet January 24, 2019
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when your too shook your shooketh
johnny : my dudes did you see elmos world?
noah: I was shooketh my dudes
by strangerwars July 28, 2018
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being shook since 69 AD
Student: Did you hear about the school shooting?
Other Student: Yeah! I was shooketh as can be!
by Sup nerd March 21, 2018
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