A shirt with a hoodie. Too thin to be considered a jacket, cannot be considered a shirt as it has a hood; not a sweater because it has buttons. Therefore, it is a shood.
I tried on that shood from Old Navy and I looked like I was transitioning.
noun meaning feeling of dismay and dispair. Can also be referenced to a hangover.
man: why are you upset?
man2: i did bad on my exam, i feel so shood!

(when referenced to a hangover)
man: i'm having the worst shood right now
man2: well you shouldn't have druken so much...
by TheRealDawg December 6, 2010
SHit-but-gOOD. Applicable to most things on television - a guilty pleasure.

It is also possible (though dangerous) to use as an adverb - shooding.
O-m-f-g, last night's episode of The Hills was shood.


I never though I'd watch a show as shooding magnificent as Rock of Love!
by piratethomas January 28, 2009