This is when someone has passed out at a party, and isn't allowed to be messed with because that’s where they intended to sleep. It was purposeful. If the shoes are still on, they are free game because they passed out.
“Don’t mess with her, she took her shoes off , she’s off limits
by BLA222 December 31, 2020
Someone who can drop mad beats and spit dank rhymes
That guy drops mad beats, he's so shoes off
by Shoesy January 12, 2015
A colourful practice that has increasingly common during Zoom calls in the pandemic. Some people find it helps to relieve their lockdown stress, and take solace in the freedoms that would get them fired under normal circumstances.

Just make sure that your camera's not on.
Moderator: Your camera is shaking - what are you up to?

Jeffrey Toobin: Just "kicking my shoes off"...

Moderator: "Kicking your shoes off?"...
by Dr Filthperv May 11, 2021
a slang term used to mean having sex, derived when a group of students were talking about sex and making up random slang terms, the terms coffee and tea were also used in this group
hey man me and this chic... we went all the way... we took our shoes off and everything dude
by shoebiedobie May 16, 2006
Getting ready to end your life by jumping off a roof
Just as I took my shoes off, "Hey don't jump now, please!"
by WHYTHOBRO February 4, 2018
What you say to a woman you’re about to fuck when you don’t want to use a condom, so when she says yeah obviously, you’re good.
I brought this young lass home and I told her I fuck with my shoes off
She said “don’t we all”
9 months later there’s my son
by September 21, 2020