Used to describe unnecessarily over-complicating something, a situation where the simpler option would have been much more effective.
The term came about thanks to one man named Chris Smith, who is the undisputed king of this.
"You've really coffee and tea'd that project"
"Why do you have to coffee and tea everything?"
by gh7901 June 8, 2006
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coffee with milk tea is a beverage when you get super high on weed and you need a cool drink to cheer you up. Its better than milk tea and coffee cuz its the same thing but its blended with each other. It cures depression and aids so coffee with milk tea is better for you and for your depressed friends.
ey you want some
coffee with milk tea????
by sushiisjoji May 10, 2019
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A date with a person you find attractive that does not involve alchohol or food, usually sex follows.
brunch trade gay
Hey Jase, what are you doing.
Jason: nothin
Mark: meet you at the espresso bar, coffee tea or me
by someone famous April 1, 2008
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