8 definitions by xanadude313

Someone who acts their polar opposite on social media who would not behave so reckless in a public setting.
Dude. My friend keeps popping up in my news feed with the stupidest shit! They are such an avatard!!!
by xanadude313 April 26, 2021
A Short-lived Wisconsin Cannabis rogue Quorum Director who blasts sophistry at the Wisconsin Capitol, but forgets to pay the parking meter so his stupid fucking ass gets his truck towed.
Hey bro, can you float me $500? I was at the Capitol speaking sophistry and forgot to pay the meter. I'm stuck in five o'clock rush hour taking the Shoelace Express.
by xanadude313 September 1, 2019
A Deputy Director of a Cannabis activism group who has no clue how to operate according to Robert's Rules of Order. Commonly found in the Madison, WI Capitol ruining Cannabis legalization by acting like a total moron during Lobby Day
"Deputy Dipshit told a cop he was a local celebrity to get out of a traffic ticket. The cop fined him double instead. What a fucking total dipshit!"
by xanadude313 July 27, 2019
CBD Republican who backs the Waukesha commercial powergrab gerrymandering bushwahackers from the Port of Edward. Three-time strike out champion running as a conservationist who has hopped aboard the Shoelace Express.
"Did you hear about the Portly Edward? Shipped out three CBD bottles to Tuscaloo, Iowa. Said so on his Facebook. What a goon.
by xanadude313 October 14, 2019
Someone who is only partially retarded.
"Life is better when you are only part-arded. It's like being paraplegic versus quadraplegic."
by xanadude313 August 14, 2019
A guy who loves getting pegged by radical feminists
That stupid fucker works at Target. What a Douche Mitten.
by xanadude313 August 21, 2019
When someone knocks on the bathroom door thinking you are taking a shit when you are jacking off instead. You hurry up because you know they are waiting to use the bathroom.
Stupid fucking asshold kept jiggling the door handle when I was using the bathroom. I had to Fasterbate and finish thanks to that cocksucker.
by xanadude313 September 7, 2019