the shopping you do when you go to the grocery store to buy your monthly supply of grocerys as opposed to just going and getting a few things to eat for a few days.
"we have to go shopping shopping again-our freezer looks pretty empty."
by thebadnun December 23, 2009
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This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.
by frothe March 31, 2008
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buying a whole lot of stuff that you don't really need
i went shopping today!
by mousey March 17, 2004
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The shop is a… well… a shop in the middle of a desert known as Sandia. It resembles a 7Eleven and appears to have multiple locations. The shop and the shack located nearby outside, are safe-haven areas in the seemingly-infinite desert, floating within the Void, home of terrible creatures and the practically dictator of Sandia, the Void Dweller, although that is another story for another time. Once leaving the shop, you have an extremely-low chance to be let back in, due to only the worthy allowed back, and monsters which get progressively stronger the more you kill. There is also said to be a city somewhere far away, although no one can confirm it exists.

Entering the shop can be achieved by either entering through the front doors, universal gateway/portal/wormhole or using the high-tech Universal Claw, capable of grabbing or throwing you around the multiverse without your consent.

Although entering seems easy enough, leaving is a different story, with only 4 known ways to escape.

1. Escaping via the Void is an option, but a risky one at that; requiring you to dive in and get lucky. Most who do this die, but others also have been teleported to a random universe or the Void Dweller’s domain. If you can strike a deal with him, he will send you to where ever you wish. Most deals involve you doing life-threatening adventures or getting him strange artifacts.
Person 1: "Hey look I think that's The Shop! We're finally safe!
Void Dweller: *Walks in.* "Did someone say safe?"
by X-phoid March 9, 2022
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2. An employee could open the door for you, but it is very risky and could lead to punishment by the Void Dweller. You could also strike a deal with him here, but he will most likely not care for you bullshit.

3. Leaving using the Universal Claw can be done, but can only be reached via an employee putting in several keypad codes, unlocking 9 different keyholes and going through two separate eye scanners just to open the door, which frankly takes forever and the employees would much rather keep you as a well-paying customer.

4. Even opening a portal inside the shop is risky, as it could lead to damage that angers the employees who don’t care too much about you and are willing to toss you out the doors and into the harsh desert beyond.

Dying inside this universe will respawn you back inside the shop, unless you are outside the shop, which has a 25 to 75 percent chance to letting you respawn. The percent changes on different days of the week. Not respawning is the equivalent of instant death.

Many different races and beings live in the shop, from elves to Daemos to literal gods. At least you won't get bored, but maybe don't cause any fights, because again, the employees don't give a fuck.
Employee: "Come to The Shop, where fun times are always around the corner!"
Person 1: *Being consumed by the Void Dweller Outside*
by X-phoid March 9, 2022
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