Another word for dip or chewing tobacco. A way to say it so your parents or anyone else would not know what your saying. Say it comfortably on the phone or out loud to your friends with your parents and teachers around and no one knows what you are talking about. It works and helps!
Luke: Yo Adam can you get me some Shnoobs?

Adam: What kind of shnoobs do you want?

Luke: Straight.
by StanDarsh331 September 14, 2009
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North east slang for blow, as well as snuff/ritalin/adderall. Really anything that is a stimulant and goes up your nose.
Hey let's step back and do some shnoobs.
Hey shaggy lets go solve mysteries with shnooby.
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Not only a {noob}, but one that is really shit at every thing they attempt to do.
this guy through a grenade at himself when we were playing COD4, what a shnoob!
by Where'sbrian123 December 10, 2008
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A word somehow invented seperately multiple times by multiple different people referring to a multitude of drugs, particular unskilled noobs and an abstract undefined but nonetheless understood quality.
Person 1: What does "shnoob" mean?
Person 2: Everything, nothing and all the in between.
by FireWolf926 January 11, 2021
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When some on is just so disgusting that they are a shnoob!
Omg look at them they are such a shnoob
by Benk May 15, 2021
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