A Hebrew word meaning 'name of God' or 'God has heard,' Shmuel is equivalent to the English name Samuel. Shmuel appears in the Bible as the last of the Judges before the kingdom of Israel was founded.

Perhaps the best known use of this word in the West is as the name of the Jewish boy Bruno befriends in the book and movie "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas."
Example 1: "Samuel didn't have no time for Saul's shit."

Example 2:"I thought that Bruno and Shmuel's deaths were very tragic."
by Clever play on words Pseudonym January 13, 2018
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Male name, Hebrew in origin, a name derived from shěmū'ē'l (name of God, his name is God, or named after God).

A mysterious man, often associated with bats and/or religion(or striped pyjamas unfortunately).

Rough on the outside, seems cold and maybe even like a hard bitch and a rude dude, but deep down is a true softy.

Often likes animals, and cares deeply for people. He may come across as someone that can't stand people in general and might even refer to others as "humans", distancing himself, but when push comes to show; he truly cares and only wishes the best for everyone.

If you even meet a Shmuel, you better be prepared for a fight to become their friend, or run away while you have the chance. As Samuels aren't easy to befriend, they're still incredible fascinating, and if you're strong enough to get close to them, totally worth the fight for.
Ya big secret softy, you're being such a Shmuel right now!
by VikingDaddy January 21, 2020
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to argue a stupid point without end leading to the irritation of all surrounding parties
stop arguing with that bitch - your pulling a shmuel

he's shmuelin' out on that dude
by SuperShmuel October 14, 2009
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an extremely mysterious person
who everyone seems to know
but no one has ever seen in the flesh

person 1: dude, shmuel immed me last night
person 2: who the hell is he? i talk to him all the time but i've never actually seen him
person 1: i hear he's a pimp
by aroundthebender January 14, 2009
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To use manipulative writing or speech in order to take undue credit or aggrandize one's contributions.

To willfully play dumb when presented with evidence and ideas contrary to your own desires and biases.

To willfully play dumb when presented with evidence of your own shmuelling.
His shmuelling is pissing off the whole team.

To cater to his bullshit and then get shmuel'd makes me want to punch him.
by shmuellllll October 6, 2011
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one who is very nice.
one whos head is deformed.
he/she usually smells because they never shower.
they usually get hit by a spade off their father.
they resemble an animal like an alpacker/llama.
a shmuel usually gets pissed on.
llama, alpacker, shmuel.
by abdulallalaadfddd June 19, 2011
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