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A person who possesses a head in comparable size to Andre the Giant, or several bowling balls put together.

Said person may or may/not have a larger body or frame (particularly in height), but the size of his head is so large, it its like the head of a blow-pop on a small stick.
" Yeah, that dude is a Shmian. "


" Hey, this hat doesn't fit. Can I get a bigger size? "

" No. We don't have hats for Shmians " .
by BodySlamsAllDay April 29, 2013
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Shmian- A 15 year old from Cali who is obsessed with GD and likes realy stupid names like Dirk.... he is a mexican whigger who is emo on the inside....
Anne:HI IAN!!!
Ty: No, not Ian, Shmian!!!
by Ty April 19, 2005
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