a person who you just cant respect under any circumstances. a disgrace to society. "the lowest of the low"

you can point out a shmeeb very easily. they can be either dorky, ugly, not funny, disgraceful, stupid, disgusting, scummy or any of the above
What a shmeeb
by meekie287 May 26, 2010
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Cute and dorky, but not in a mean way when used as a noun.
As in "She's such a Shmeeb."

Can also mean cute little kids.

Can also be used when you don't have a clue what is going on as in "What the Shmeeb??"
The ice cream truck came and all the little Shmeebs came running.

What the Shmeeb do you think you are doing?
by Original Shmeeb August 07, 2011
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man boobs. if you think other wise you are totally stupid
holy shit look at that fat pig! he has shmeeb!
by toco May 23, 2004
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Very small breasts, no more than a mouthful, smallest of the categorising system that includes jubbly wubblies and whopping doopsies.
Look at the shmeebs on that!
by Master Bates March 28, 2005
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