to be the shizza

to be the shit

to be cool you are the new thing
"dude that round off flash kick was the shizza"

"you are the shizza man"
by Swift December 13, 2003
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n.f. "Piece of shit'' shapped pizza. Failed attempt to make a home made thin crust meat pizza who turned to look like a calzone attacked by meteorites or a grilled cheese rosbeef that taste like uncooked lasagna.
- Fuck, the pizza dough is glued on the kitchen counter !
- Doesn't matter, just put the shizza in the oven.
by erasmusvalencia October 01, 2011
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1) A product of rare indigestion, in which constipation is directly followed by diarrhea during the same bathroom trip.

2) A shitty-looking pizza. Literally.
1) "I shat so hard my sphincter hurt. And then, looking into the bowl, the result was a total shizza"

2) Dude 1: "Delivery or Delissio, amirite?"
Dude 2: "Yeah. Half-frozen, half-overcooked. Talk about buying a shizza..."
by Shadiac July 14, 2018
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1. (noun) something which you step in.
2. (noun) that which comes from dark places.
1. OMG! I just stepped in shizza!

2. The dog barked at me because he had to take a shizza.
by Urban Skolar April 09, 2003
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