A state of intoxication past the “blackout” phase. Common behaviors include spilling your drink all over yourself, dancing on table tops, and acting completely drawlin.
"Man, you were really shived last night. You peed all over my kitchen table!”
by jcola July 24, 2017
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To be blocked by somebody because you or somebody you follow disagrees with them.
by YourGameSucks September 22, 2016
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verb: "to block (online, in order to push out all dissenting opinions)"

A derivation of the YouTube member Steve Shives (previously famous for his "5 Stupid Things..." series, in which he chooses a topic and makes a video elaborating on five silly or nonsensical aspects of that topic). Steve Shives is known to block seemingly anyone and everyone who argues against points he's made, and is now famous for blocking people freely and with abandon.
I tweeted some Econ. statistics on their post about the Wage Gap, and I got Shived immediately, so now I can't see anything on their page.
by ChildOfHyperion June 5, 2016
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Adjective; pronounced Sh-eye-v.(rhymes with hive. also pronounced in a new orleans accent as "sh-ah-v".; New Orleans street slang meaning cool, or good.
"Those new shoes you got on look shive."

This word is also used in the New Orleans rap duo Big Tymers, in their song "still fly". It is said in these lyrics: "Gator boots, with the pimped out Gucci Suit, aint got no job, but I stay shive, (i stay shive)." Most people confuse the word shive in the song with "sharp", because most people aren't from New Orleans, and aren't familiar with that slang.
by Brad M. DeBlanc February 11, 2006
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Pronounced 'shi-v'
When a girl wears a short skirt and tights and the bit on the tights where the two legs join is on show. This can happen when a girl in a miniskirt bends down, or her tights are too big/small. It is very unattractive, and takes away the effect of the miniskirt.
Example 1
*Top of tights is on show*
Girl One: Ew, that girl is doing a shivee.

Girl Two: Gross.

Example 2
*Very short skirt*
Girl 1: Hey, am I doing a shivee?
Girl 2: No, you're fine.
by partyatmyplace July 23, 2011
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Word originated in New Orleans (where i am from). It is a 1990's word that started in new orleans that means cool, tight, nice, or anything of that nature. In the Bigtymers(who are from new orleans) song "still fly" when he says "dont got no job, but im stay shive." most people think he says "sharp" when infact, he says shive. most people dont know the word shive, so they assume he says sharp, which he doesn't.
if you look good you can say something like..."man, i look shive today dont i?" or if they have a good looking car or something, you could say, "man, thats a shive car." you can use it in the place of "cool".
by Brad DeBlanc August 26, 2004
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meaning cool, phat, tight, ect.
yo, that's a shive car.
by lm May 8, 2003
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