1) A really crappy predicament. A shitty situation that you find yourself in that is almost unfair.

2) An accidental poop event that requires some strategy to resolve
1. This COVID shituation makes it hard for me to drop a deuce in public places anymore.
2. I couldn't find an open restroom and now I've got a serious shituation to deal with before my meeting...
by raujero December 11, 2020
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When your child defies gravity and shits up her back covering everything in arms reach in shit.
The baby just had an explosive diaper and now we have a shituation.
by Jessee Lou November 26, 2017
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Having to decide whether to move your ailing parents in a nursing home is totally a shituation.
by Njtenice June 9, 2018
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A long drawn out bunch of crap that the rich are cramming down our throats.
T\hey need a good taste of this shituation to see how they like it.
by Bootstwo November 17, 2020
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Shituation - pronounced like "situation": def. the sudden realization of an impending intestinal commotion of some sort, but most commonly used when referring to the need to get to the nearest bathroom facilities that will hopefully provide the privacy and comfort needed in order to assure a smooth delivery of the offending intestinal ordnance.
Todd: Hey man, take the next exit...I feel a serious shituation coming on!

Joe: I know, right?
by Backandforth June 6, 2011
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A poop that comes on so quickly you aren't sure you'll make it to the can.
Man, I was stuck in traffic this morning and almost had a real shituation.
by grinner71 September 15, 2011
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