A depraved sexual act!

After anal sex, you 'unload' in her hair and wipe ur cock on her upper lip.

After smoothing down her hair across her face (in a Hitler stylely!) stand up an do a Nazi salute shouting " Hiel Shilter!"
"Ah man, after i nailed Carneys mum in the ass, i gave her a mean Shitler!"
by BigTruck1981 April 11, 2010
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A person who wants to control everything by talking bad about what they want to control.
by MatthewDM October 15, 2011
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My ex husband pure and simple. Acts like Hitler but is nothing but a low life Shitler. Wants all our friends and family to feel sorry for him.
Poor Shitler just like poor Hitler. Give me a break!
by Baby Dawn April 18, 2009
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When you take a shit and look in the bowl and the turd resembles Adolf Hitler
Why that dude look like a black Adolf Hitler? Ima call him Shitler
by Niggy Azalea July 16, 2019
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A person attempting to replicate the attitude or policies of the fuhrer, but failing due to incompetence and/or lack of intelligence etc
I wonder what the Shitler Steve Bannon is up to today?
by Wordznting June 6, 2018
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A female, (the "She" in Shitler) combined with all the characteristics of Adolf Hitler. Usually a crazy person, ex-wife, ex g.f. Its becoming a much more common sight in society with the advent of feminism mixed with a douche lord like a narcissistic woman. Usually grew up as shitty brats or little shits was their nickname in formative years. The biggest cruelest, nastiest, and worst kind of woman you'll want to stay far away from if at all possible, she will try to destroy your life to improve hers.
Did you hear what Shitler is doing now? She is claiming i deserve to never see my kids again, probably going to try putting them in her concentration camp to brainwash them. Oh wait, Shitler already made up a bunch of stuff and used her Gestapo to take care of that. Shitler must be stopped.
by Have a Snickers June 15, 2017
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Someone who does an excesive amount of uppers and downers all day every day and has no hope or intentions

of doing anything meaningful in life.
Mike is sure turning into a shitler after the past couple of days.
by Johnny fisher December 11, 2009
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