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interrogation room. slang often used my criminals when interviewed by detectives or investigators.
when my friend Justin got arrested he told me the detectives marched him right up to the box for interrogation.
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they're all equally wrong, no one is right or wrong. everyone loses at the end.
did u hear about the drive-by shooting?! the thugs are only on parole!

nah, they're all niggas
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A Finance-Broker or Just an Average-Joe Who Embezzles People For Money To Get What They Want/Deserve For Personal Gain or For Pleasure. Most Spartan-Bankers Are Usually Greedy Male Jewish-Lawyers, Latino or Asian Single-Moms, Black or Hispanic-College/University Studies Typically Military-Veterans (Who Were Probably Assigned To The Finance-Corps as Acquisition Managers or NCOs) Who Need The Money To Survive on Besides Their Montgomery GI Bill, and High-School or College Students Who Can't Get What They Want Because Their Parents Say "No" So They Steal People's Money off the internet, typically credit cards.
Bernie Madoff Was Defiantly a Spartan-Banker.
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George Takei may be a sansei (third-generation Japanese-American), but's a great-response to the Trump hate-speech, besides his iconic one-liner "Oh My."
Oh My! Nisei Please, Mr. Trump!
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so called ruler of the united states of america. congress is typically called "SCROTUS", because they're power-hungry nut sacks, who will do anything greedy to fulfill their selfish-gain.
congress is the hugest example of SCROTUS
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to have a relationship with (often romantic)
the little black girl who committed suicide received taunts such as "You only think you're white because you ride with that white boy"
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