The inverse of the hitler or charlie chaplain style mostoche; that is, hair on either side of the upper lip, and missing from the middle. A particularly 'shit-hitler' mostoche.
Bloody hell, check out that shitler
by RachAndMed February 19, 2010
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ERIC- a persons nickname is shitler
by Rikki February 16, 2005
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It's having the time of your life on the crapper. The shit you've been waiting for for so long.
A: I just had my first crap in two weeks.
B: It must have been a real shitler.
A: Yeah, it was better than sex with jesus.
by GermanHamburger September 17, 2010
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a person who supports hitler and is for legalizing sending shit pics to people.
yo did you hear that shitler was sending pics last night
by deth October 27, 2020
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Fucking a chick in the ass, then pulling out your shit covered dick, and wiping it above her upper lip. Giving her the look of a "hitler stash" or in this case a "Shitler Stash".
My girlfriend's shitler stash is thicker than your regular stash.
by cubfan14 November 21, 2009
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When you attempt to take a shot from a shot glass filled with feces. It typically doesn't work well, and you end up with a mustache resembling that of Hitler.
Haha, you just tried to pull off a shitler. Your life must suck.
by koalakiller October 15, 2007
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to insert your finger into your anus, then wipe the shit off onto an unsuspecting person's top lip. kinf of like the dirty sanchez.
when steve passed out last night, justin gave him a wicked Shitler mustache!
by tony February 25, 2004
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