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The name in Germany originates from war without warning. Warner is one of the biggest toughest families in Germany of all times. Some say Hitler was the actual sperm doner to this family of 9 boys and we dare not mention the one girl it would be deadly! It's the the name you would use just to save your mother fucking ass.
Hitler- Did you try do save that baby girl from death?
Warner- ya, got a problem with that?
Hitler- Men kill the bastard!!!!!!
Warner- Fuck you Hitler do you know my last name you dumb fuck?
Hitler- Not Warner is it?
Warner yup...
Hitler- Hold up men! Do not touch this one let him go.
Men- Must be a mother fucken Warner...grrr

by Baby Dawn April 18, 2009

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Jenious with the capital "J" is a dummie. A Jenious is a retard. Usually hangs out outside of the school doesn't go to class cause was so stupid that they didn't relize that Jenious is the opposite of genious.
Father- Son you are so fucken smart you must be a Jenious!
Son- Wow you are so cool dad.
Father- With a capital J buddy.
by Baby Dawn April 17, 2009

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Stretch marks on an ass. Ugly looking marks on an ass that resembles Freddy Crougar's face. Usually appearing during pregancy but men may have a dentass too. Men usually get them from steroids. There bodies stretch at a fast pace.
I was with this girl bent her over and thought I was on Elm street! I know everytown has an Elm street but wow what a dentass! I was fucking Freddy Crougar upside down...Damn!
by Baby Dawn April 17, 2009

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Someone who is unable to read damn lips no matter how loud the person is yelling even though you are not deaf. You cannot focus enough on their mouth wording. It's like you are watching the lips move but too stupid to hear or understand.
Parents- "What's wrong with you? Can't you read my lips?"
You- Nope I'm eliperate.
by Baby Dawn April 17, 2009

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A neighbourhood garage/shed where a bunch of male shovinistic dogs in other words men hang out and drink beer from a funnel and smoke pot from a bong. Blarring Heavy Metal and Punk like tunes is usually the first sign of a neighbourhood houndhouse. When you kick your boyfriend/husband out and he doesn't answer the phone for days, doesn't come home, smells like pure shit chances are he was at the houndhouse. It's a place where men can be dogs and it's acceptable and they feel like men.
Jason-Hey boys got the wife/girlfriend right pissed off, headed straight for the houndhouse.
Boys- Right on dog the houndhouse is waiting for ya she's a smokin'. The Beer and bongs and dogs are howling...
by Baby Dawn April 17, 2009

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My ex husband pure and simple. Acts like Hitler but is nothing but a low life Shitler. Wants all our friends and family to feel sorry for him.
Poor Shitler just like poor Hitler. Give me a break!
by Baby Dawn April 18, 2009

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A guy that says yayaman all the time to shut people that talk too much up. He usually is a boss of a company and knows everything. Chances are he also drives a big black Dodge truck. Everytime you try and have a conversation with him he cuts you off and says yayaman. A Yayaman acts similar to a Redneck really enjoys sneezing and what comes out of his nose with the sneeze. Has akward quirks and rules like you can't share a blanket in bed with him. A Yayaman usually has a phobia of fags and fat people.
You- Hey baby I want to cuddle tonight and use the...(cut off)
Yayaman- Yayaman move over babe I have to really enjoy this sneeze and get your own fucking blanket dammit!!!!
by Baby Dawn April 17, 2009

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