16 definitions by hahasuka

it is when your push out the leftover semen out of your shaft after a fap shession
Last night I came so hard that I had to clean the barrel after
by hahasuka June 7, 2014
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A College Paintjob is when you pipe down a girl and before you nut you scream, cum on your hand and with cover her face with that cum. Once the deed is done you leave the building regardless of who owns the house.
Marc: Hey Isaac how was the night with Vanessa?
Isaac: Bro, you wouldn't believe it she would not shut up about astrology so I had to give her a college paint job
Marc: That's crazy bro you just left her to spread eagle in your house. I respect you
by hahasuka June 5, 2020
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When you got oral from a girl (usually fat) that is so good compared to other head you got in the past that you feel like she is sucking the soul out of your body with her black magic.
Isaac: Hey I heard you hook up with that fat whore Madeline O'Neil
Joel: Yea, the pussy was as loose as a garbage bag but she gave me Exorcism head so it was worth it

Isaac: You should get tested I heard she fucks black guys
by hahasuka December 8, 2020
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When a girl's pussy is so tight that when you ejaculate inside her you make the same noises Hellen Keller does when she tries to speak
Remi: I heard you fuck Emma the other night
Joel: Yea that shit was crazy, she gave me a Hellen Keller Nut
Remi: I'll have to explore that cavern then!
by hahasuka December 8, 2020
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Its when you do anal with a girl and pull your cock out and its covered in shit
I was pounding this hoe in that ass and when I pulled out I saw I had Hershey dick
by hahasuka November 28, 2017
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When you are haggling with a customer at your garage sale about the 50$ used car seat you are trying to sell and to close out the transaction, you offer your wife/daughter's pussy as an add-on to the deal
Justin: Nice car seat bro where did you get it
Marc: I got at for 50$ at this garage sale, at first I thought I was overpaying but then the guy threw in a Garage Sale Whore
Justin: Nice, you can't pass up a deal like that!
by hahasuka December 9, 2020
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When you do anal with a girl so hard that when you pull your cock out of her prime teen ass her anus gets prolapsed looking like a nice red rose but smells like cat shit.
Olivier: How was the hook up with Sabrina?
Chris: Bro that shit was super tight but when we did anal I gave her a Mud Rose and it smelled like dead animals

Oliver: Oof, tuck her anus back in so you can keep fucking her next time
by hahasuka December 8, 2020
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