16 definitions by hahasuka

Its what hobos use as currency when they don't have any money
Joel: Shit I'm out of booze

Max: just buy some with your sand dollars
by hahasuka February 9, 2014
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A Shitler is when you give a Rimjob to your lover and they have a dirty ass so you get a brown patch on your top lip that looks like a Hitler mustache
Joel: Hey Remi I heard you hooked up with Nadia last night
Remi: Yeah bro I gave her a Rimjob and when I when to the bathroom later I realized she gave me a Shitler
Joel: Next time make sure to wipe her ass before you go in there
by hahasuka December 7, 2020
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When you pipe a bitch down and her snatch starts making cream white gravy and you dip some fries into it as a mid-sex snack.
Isaac: Man this sex has me burnt out
Terrie: Just take some of the leftover McDonalds fries and make a Pussy Poutine
Isaac: Good idea now I can fuck you for another 2 minutes!
by hahasuka December 8, 2020
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Its when you do anal with a girl and pull your cock out and its covered in shit
I was pounding this hoe in that ass and when I pulled out I saw I had Hershey dick
by hahasuka November 28, 2017
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Typically a slutty girl may be a guy who sucks too much of cock so the indiduals who are aware of such actions say that she or he has a Ball Sack chin due to the amount scrotum that hit her chin.
O My gosh did you see Michelle at the party she sucked so many guys, she has a Ball Sack chin!
by hahasuka April 11, 2013
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When you hook up with a boy or girl and when you give them a rim job you instead eat Thai Express out of their asshole seductively (make sure not to make the food too spicy or else it will hurt).
Tinder Guy: Hey sexy mama I want to give you a Taste of Thighland
Isabelle: I am very interested in this, just make sure you don't put sriracha on the pad thai
Tinder Guy: I won't, get ready to step on the rollercoaster of pleasure.
by hahasuka December 8, 2020
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A College Paintjob is when you pipe down a girl and before you nut you scream, cum on your hand and with cover her face with that cum. Once the deed is done you leave the building regardless of who owns the house.
Marc: Hey Isaac how was the night with Vanessa?
Isaac: Bro, you wouldn't believe it she would not shut up about astrology so I had to give her a college paint job
Marc: That's crazy bro you just left her to spread eagle in your house. I respect you
by hahasuka June 5, 2020
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