The next level beyond being just drunk. A state of complete and utter stupidity.
Hey man, you were so shithoused last night you burned your house down.
by Alcoholism September 16, 2004
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When so called big (football/soccer) teams get beat by small teams like Preston (North End), when everyone knows they should be beating #teamslikePreston
"You've been shithoused"
by Fog916 December 13, 2018
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When a fucking shithole football team ties or wins against a good team.
West Brom fucking shithoused a 1-1 draw out of their game against Liverpool.
by FuckRuiCosta January 1, 2021
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Every time x band play y band
Oh no y band have been completely shithoused again
by Xbandfc November 9, 2019
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Getting home from a long night of drinking only to have your parents waiting at home to give you shit when you get back.
Hey Luke I heard you got shithoused last night" "Yea man i got bitched out for like and hour
by Mc.Shitter November 28, 2010
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A method in which a person/collective overcome a challenge in a cheeky or slightly unethical manner.
"Arch used some absolute shithousery on pro-clubs the other night."
by ManLikeArch May 26, 2021
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